Most Common Home Inspection Findings In Kentucky

Listing your home and need a pre-listing home inspection? Moving to Kentucky and buying a house? 

Read on, and find out more about the most common home inspection findings in Kentucky. 

Roofing Problems

As roofs age, the materials used to build them tend to degrade. This is especially true in Kentucky, where severe rain and thunderstorms cause a lot of wear & tear. 

Asphalt shingles usually last only about 15-40 years, so most homes will need the roof to be replaced multiple times throughout their lifespan. 

Replacing a roof is expensive, so if your inspector finds serious roofing issues, you should definitely renegotiate the selling price of the home.

Faulty Or Improperly Installed Wiring

This is more common in Kentucky homes built between the 1940s and 1960s, or homes that have had extensive renovations. 

These issues can range from improper connections to poorly-wired breakers, uninsulated wires and even outdated knob-and-tube wiring, and may be very expensive to fix.

Poor Attic Ventilation & Insulation 

Attics must be properly insulated to reduce energy bills, but ventilation is also necessary to prevent moisture from building up. 

Excessive moisture can cause damage and mold, which may be very expensive to remediate. 

  • This is a fairly easy fix, however. 
  • You can just add more vents and insulation to the attic. 

Poor Grading and Drainage

Kentucky gets a lot of rain, and it all has to go somewhere. 

If the home is not graded properly and does not have properly-installed gutters and downspouts, water can build up around the foundation and cause cracks and damage, or leak into the basement. 

All of these issues can be very costly to fix.

Plumbing Issues

Your inspector may notice low water pressure, signs of leaks and moisture damage, damage to pipes, or faulty plumbing fixtures. 

  • It may be wise to have a plumber assess the full extent of plumbing issues before buying the home.
  •  Most plumbing problems are easy to solve, but a seriously-neglected plumbing system can be extremely expensive to repair or replace.