Consider Crawl Space Encapsulation for Homes With Moisture Issues

Mold and water damage from basement leak

At Liberty Inspections, excess moisture in crawl spaces is one of the most common issues we encounter in the homes in our area. Without an adequate vapor barrier, a humid crawl space can become a haven for mold and mildew growth. Over time, this can contribute to serious problems elsewhere in a home such as unpleasant odors. If left unchecked, moisture buildup in a crawl space can even cause floor joists to rot, thereby compromising their structural integrity.

The good news is, these moisture issues can be effectively eliminated with a process called crawl space encapsulation.

This method involves sealing the entire crawl space—walls, floor and vents—with a heavy-duty polyethylene barrier to prevent moisture intrusions. This barrier is similar to the linings used in swimming pools to prevent leaks. After the crawl space has been thoroughly sealed (encapsulated) a dehumidifier is typically installed to help regulate humidity levels in the space.

Crawl space encapsulation is an elegantly simple solution to a potentially serious problem.

Concerned about moisture issues in a home you’re thinking about buying? Thermal imaging can identify signs of water damage, missing insulation and other problems that you may not be able to spot during a walkthrough. In the event that we identify any areas of concern, we’ll provide you with a detailed description of the problem as well as suggestions for remediation.

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